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Place: Denmark, Copenhagen
Dates: 10 August 2013 to 22 August 2013
Season: summer13
Organised by: BEST Group Copenhagen
University: Technical University of Denmark
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Type: BEST Course on Technology
Fee: 45.0 euro. Convert to

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Application until: 18 Mar 2013 at 23:00 CET
Application deadline has passed.
Academic Highlights
Participation requirements: Prior knowledge required (Basic understanding of the field you study. Prior knowledge about 'robust systems' is *NOT* required.)
Academic complexity: Basic [Read more]
Working time: 45 hours (estimated)

General description

Have you ever wondered why some systems break, and some don't? Why some processes are fragile and others aren't?

Why you see less Blue Screen of Deaths now than some years ago?

Why we have fewer power outages than back in the days?

How pharmaceuticals can be of better quality every year?

The long answer to these questions might be quite complicated, the short answer is simple - Robust System Design.

Robust Systems are all around us, and to establish them we need to know what makes them robust - and maybe how to break them. This versatile subject is needed for designing systems of the future!

Come to lovely Denmark, where the vikings used to roam, and where now the Danish people roam instead, welcoming visitors from around the world. People leave Denmark amazed by our hospitality and "hygge", and we will make sure you experience this first hand. You will make new international friendships that will last a lifetime, and you will collect memories of an unforgettable summer course and country!

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