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Place: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dates: 12 July 2013 to 21 July 2013
Season: summer13
Organised by: BEST Group Ljubljana
University: University of Ljubljana
Type: BEST Course on Technology
Fee: 40.0 euro. Convert to

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Application until: 01 January 1970
Application deadline has passed.
Academic Highlights
Participation requirements: No prior knowledge required
Academic complexity: Basic [Read more]
Working time: 30 hours (estimated)

General description

Remember remember the fifth of November the day the Winter was coming.

When two dozen brave pioneers stood in awe and trembled before upcoming frost.

What dangers awaited them, were they beaten in their quest?

Have the forces of nature took their flight and crushed them into dust from which all beings are created?


After countless of sleepless nights

Filled with dread, sweat and tears

They shook the foundations of existence and build,

constructed and manipulated their surrounding.

They invented things humbly described as architectural wonder

Enslaving the forces of nature in their benefit they showed

that from simple branch one can construct

shelters, windmills, even grill for smoked ribs

Now winter passed,

Pioneers came out from their wooden creations ? VICTORIOUS!

Everybody survived, and games and celebrations

Now-a-days only known as 10-day enent called: ?The Game Of Woods?

could start.

Years ? not years, centuries have passed, all the pioneers have passed away, but their legacy of woodmanship still lives on! So come this summer to Slovenia, country that is covered 70% by forest, when we will reveal their wooden legacy and teach you how to build your wooden mansion!

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