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Place: Lodz, Poland
Dates: 11 July 2013 to 20 July 2013
Season: summer13
Organised by: BEST Group Lodz
University: Lodz University of Technology
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Type: BEST Course on Technology
Fee: 40.0 euro. Convert to

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Application until: 18 Mar 2013 at 23:00 CET
Application deadline has passed.
Academic Highlights
Participation requirements: No prior knowledge required
Academic complexity: Basic [Read more]
Working time: 26 hours (estimated)

General description

Feels like the force is with you, but you?re not a Jedi yet? There?s one thing you should do this summer! Join Jedi Academy and we will complete your training!

Have you ever dreamed about building your instrument of universal justice at home ? We?ll show you how light sober works by getting knowledge about Light Emitting Diodes. We?re also going to let you in confidential technology destined for greatness. Associated with innovative using electricity in objects you didn?t expect.

After 10 days of training you?ll became an expert, who know more than anybody else about electricity and love sharing your knowledge with other people to help develop their potential.

May the force be with you!

You should believe in yourself today. Know your time is now. Not sometime tomorrow when you?ll be old. So create own opportunities, collect moments and finally make a difference.


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