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Place: Budapest, Hungary
Dates: 27 July 2013 to 5 August 2013
Season: summer13
Organised by: BEST Group Budapest
Type: BEST Course on Technology
Fee: 40.0 euro. Convert to

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Application until: 18 Mar 2013 at 23:00 CET
Application deadline has passed.
Academic Highlights
Participation requirements: No prior knowledge required
Academic complexity: Basic [Read more]
Working time: 30 hours (estimated)

General description

Do you like to eat, drink or cook? Have you heard about the famous Hungarian cuisine? Are you interested how beer and wines are made? Would you also like to taste them? Or you just heard about the crazy Hungarian spirit? If your answers are yes, Budapest is the place for you!

Food and drinks were always in the center of attention, from ancient Greece to present days. During this course we will show you how your food is produced and what are the most recent improvements in the field of food engineering. We will examine the benefits of both the modern methods and the traditional ways. And of course, taste everything in the end!

Is it still not enough??? Of couse it's not! Get ready to experience the BEST spirit, visit the most beautiful city, work hard, party harder, and after all of it relax in one of the many spas of the city.

Have you ever heard about gulyas, porkolt, lecso or feny before? Now you will have the chance to experience all of them!

You still need more? That's why we will finish the course with an awesome weekend trip! We will visit the BEST wineries in Tokaj, taste the famous Hungarian wines and cool down in the shades of the wine cellars!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you, Budapest has the hottest and BEST night life, with the prettiest girls in the world and handsome Hungarian boys!

What are you still waiting for? Don't be shy, just apply! Be creative, show us that you have an awesome spirit and everything what it takes to have the BEST time in the summer! We are waiting for you!

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