BCC Mentoring Programme

Event description

==What is BCC?==

BEST Career Centre aims at providing an impactful career support service to European students, by not only disseminating career and study opportunities within the BEST network but also by creating an international environment that effectively brings students and companies closer.

==General Description of BCC Mentoring Programme==

We all are complex human beings with various passions and areas that drive us. We are not expected to follow one career path and stick to it throughout our lives, growing inside one company in a straight line. Organisations have grown and employees are encouraged to get in contact with different work cultures and explore various positions in different departments, which enables them to broaden their experience while gaining competences in diverse fields before reaching leadership positions.

Now, more than ever, we, as students, need to adapt to the modern job market and create our own path towards achieving our career goals. The path will be different for each and every one of us, which might be a little daunting at the beginning, but you are not alone!

Having this in mind, the BCC Mentoring Programme was developed by BEST. This Programme will be delivered in partnership with the BEST Alumni Network, having 36 mentors available for more than 40 different fields and topics, and will focus on helping the mentees navigate their career path in a strategic manner.

The mentors will share their own experience and offer invaluable tips, help you develop and understand your motivations and goals, as well as inspire you to make decisions, take risks and build a fulfilling future, where you feel like you can make a difference in this world. The idea is to build a safe space for a real connection.

==About BEST Alumni Network==

BEST Alumni Network is an organisation of former members of Board of European Students of Technology (BEST). As BEST has historically been present in over 100 universities in 34 countries, its Alumni are a community of more than 8000 individuals spread all over the world. BEST Alumni Network is the official organisation to promote and facilitate networking and collaboration among Alumni of BEST.

==About the Mentors==

In this edition of BCC Mentoring Programme, 36 mentors are awaiting mentees. Each mentor will be able to guide you in different fields of interest, which include:

Specific Industries:

- Automotive

- Biotechnology

- Chemical industry

- Construction

- Data Science

- Energy

- Information Security

- IoT

- IT (Computer Science)

- Manufacturing

- Oil & gas

- Pharmaceutical

- Software Development

- Technology-related Consulting

- Telecommunication

Entrepreneurship & Start up, including:

- Feedback on early-stage investment deck

- Innovation Management

- New Business Development

- Personal Productivity for Entrepreneurs

- Product Development

- Product Management

- Strategic support for scale up entrepreneurs

- UX / Product Design

- Career Guidance, in a form of structured coaching and advices on starting and planning your career. Topics will range from learning how to write your CV, create an attractive LinkedIn profile, and prepare for interviews to understanding what engineering career options exist. It is essential for youth future workers to know how to screen companies and jobs to apply for, how to switch fields from engineering to management or departments within the same company.

Additionally, you can be mentored on topics such as:

- Knowledge Management

- Online Learning

- Productivity & Work-life balance

- Quality Assurance in Higher Education

- Business Management

- Corporate Strategy

- Financial management

- Human Resources

- Management & Leadership

- Marketing

- Professional Communication

- Project Management

- Sales

- Time Management

Target universities

94 universities in 34 countries. Click to expand: