Coimbra’s International Engineering Forum

Event description

CIEF (Coimbra International Engineering Forum) is an engineering forum held in Coimbra, in an online format, which aims to create solutions to problems on a worldwide scale, applying knowledge of engineering, science, and technology. The main focus of this event is the competition between the participants, who will have to find viable solutions to the proposed problems, focusing on Environmental and Social & Humanitarian topics. The event will have the participation of different cultures. There will also exist workshops and lectures with the purpose of providing participants the necessary tools and knowledge for the competition, as well as round tables and discussion panels to enrich and encourage discussion about related topics.

Agenda of the event

The event will be divided into 2 main areas, the first 3 days of the event will focus on Humanitarian & Social issues as well as the solving 1 of the 2 Case Studies in this topic. The next 3 days will focus on the Environmental issues while solving 1 of the 2 Case Studies in this topic as well. We will have an Opening Ceremony on the 25th, a Networking Session on the 28th and a Closing Ceremony on the 31th.

Target group

The students' field of study is different areas of STEM. Some participants will come from Europe, from universities with a Local BEST Group, and the others will be from universities of CPLP (community of countries that have portuguese as their official language).

Target universities

98 universities in 36 countries. Click to expand: