EBEC Athens 2017

Event description

On December 10-12, the Local Round of EBEC Athens is organised for the seventh time by the Local Best Group of Athens. The competition is divided into two categories:

Team Design: this category consists in solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited time. The outcome of the competition consists in constructing a device that can perform a set of required actions, with given constraints and only by using the tools and components that are provided.

Case Study: this category consists in analyzing and solving a real-life problem encountered by a company. No actual construction of any device is needed: the objective of the competition is to challenge your problem-solving skills and your creativity in developing hypothetical solutions, based on the information given.

Each team is composed of 4 students, but if you don’t have a complete team, don’t worry! We will create one for you! The winners of each category will move on to the National Round, where they will compete for a spot on EBEC Final, in Brno, Czech Republic! Are you still thinking about it?

Target universities