ceBEC (Central European BEST Engineering Competition) 2011 Budapest

Event description

Central European BEST Engineering Competition (ceBEC) is the second round of the European BEST Engineering Competition. 80 participants from the region's top 10 Universities compete to get to the continental final. ceBEC offers two types of competitions, team design and case study.

- The Team design category consists of solving a given technical problem in teams within a limited amount of time. The outcome is a device, that has to solve the problem.

- The Case Study category consists of solving a technical or a management problem. The winning team will be determined by their presentations and their unique ideas.

The teams will have two days to work on their tasks before they present their solutions for the students of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Expert judges will rate their performance and choose the winners.

Target universities

11 universities in 7 countries. Click to expand: