Central European BEST Engineering Competition 2011 - Local round Ljubljana

Event description

BEST Ljubljana is again organising an Engineering Competition, titled MacGyver competition 3.0. We expect 80 students competing together.

Several teams of 4 students will compete over a task in Case Study and Team Design which will be evaluated on different criteria. The BEST team in Case Study and the best team in Team Design will proceed to the next round: ceBEC 2011 in Budapest.

ceBEC 2011 will be the Engineering Competition where all the best teams from LBECs in Graz, Vienna, Zagreb, Brno, Maribor, Prague,Vezsprem, Budapest, Bratislava and Ljubljana will compete to go the final round: The European BEST Engineering Competition (EBEC).

Agenda of the event

1. day Team Design
2. day Case Study

Target group

We're expecting students from every engineering field.

Target universities