Event description


TECH'in (Trondheim Engineering Competition and Hard-core Innovation) is a technology oriented competition where students will get a unique opportunity to take advantage of their talents and reach out to the business world.

Through TECH'in, students will get the chance to use their knowledge and creativity to solve problems created in cooperation with various enterprises. The event will end with a banquet where winners will be announced and prices will be handed out.

TECH'in will give students and companies a chance to connect. The bonding will not only happen through the problem solving, but also through various company presentations and the banquet.

TECH'in is divided into two parts: Case Study, and Team Desgin.


The participants competing in team design will be asked to solve a practical case created with the cooperating company. The final product will be created by the use of materials already provided, and then presented to the judges.

Team design is a great opportunity for the students to show their creative side while working to solve the problem.

Team design will be divided into two parts, where the competitions will be held separately. There will be one competition for 1st-2nd year students, and one for 3rd-5th year students.


Case study will require the participants to be divided into teams where they will solve a case created by our cooperate partners, and then present the final results. The case study will be a unique opportunity for the students to get the feel of what a realistic case will be like.

All students can participate in the case study.

Agenda of the event

Monday 23rd: Case Study

Tuesday 24th: Team Design for 1st-2nd year students

Wednesday 25th: Team Design for 3rd-5th year students

Thursday 26th: Break

Friday 27th: Banquet

Target group

All technology students are targetet, no specific faculties.

Target universities