Renewable Energy - The power is yours!

General description

Everyday you read about it in the newspapers. Every time you turn on the radio it is mentioned, you turn on the TV and there it is, the documentary you want to hide from. But

we can't hide from the truth any longer, we need to face reality. In using immoderate amounts of fossil fuels the world has come to suffer. Global warming and mass destruction

of the earth is not some vague theory anymore, it's a threat we have to deal with. Fossil fuels are something that belong in the past, it's time to use our imagination and find other ways to extract energy. In this course we will explore renewable energy sources, the hope for all mankind. We will study wind, wave and marine current energy possibilities from a different point of view. Uppsala University conducts high level research on renewable energy and now you can take part of this knowledge through lectures and fieldtrips. Our brilliant professors will guide you in your quest for salvation.

Academic information

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Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Fun people who are interested in the topic of the course and a motivation letter.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student accommodation in small groups...or similar.
Traditional Swedish, big breakfast. Warm, lighter lunch at 12.00 and hot dinner in the evening.
Biking, as a traditional Uppsala-student ;) Not long and not heavy. Bus when necessary.