Go with the microflow!

General description

Additive manufacturing is more than just a cool technology for rapid prototyping, modelling and specialist one-off products. It is more and more becoming a fundamental building block of the ‘4th industrial revolution’, and as printing methods and materials advance, the benefits of additive manufacturing for biomedical engineering become clearer. This is your opportunity to learn about a field that is still young and has enormous transformative potential!

In this course, you will gain both theoretical and basic practical experience of:

- Cleanroom laboratory procedures

- 3D additive manufacturing processes

- Microfluidic systems for biomedical engineering

- Biomaterials for bone re-generation

- Project management and scientific report writing

Come and learn how you can pioneer this field with the help of our academic and industrial experts!

As a bonus to what you will learn during the course, you will also get to experience the Swedish culture – everything from eating fermented fish ("surströmming") to spending time in the middle of the ancient Swedish forest and taking a swim in a lake.

So if you are enthusiastic about microfabrication and also want to get to know Swedish culture, APPLY!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Applied Sciences , Biological/Biotechnical/Gene Engineering , Biology , Biomedical Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Chemistry/Chemical Technology , Computational Sciences , Computer Engineering , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Environmental Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Machine & Instrument engineering/Design , Materials Engineering , Medicine/Dental Medicine , Physics/Physics Engineering , Production Engineering/Management
Content and topics:

a) Introduction to additive manufacturing in the life sciences;
b) Materials and their properties for biomedical applications;
c) Introduction to CAD and other software for system design;
d) Manufacturing Topic 1: Subtractive Manufacturing;
e) Manufacturing Topic 2: Additive Manufacturing;
f) Manufacturing Topic 3: Microfabrication
g) Cleanroom Procedures
h) Commercialisation
i) Project work

Learning goals and objectives:
The aim of the course is to give the students:
¤ knowledge of:
- Cleanroom laboratory procedures;
- 3D additive manufacturing procedures;
- Basic knowledge in microfluidic systems for biomedical engineering;
- Basic knowledge in biomaterials for bone re-generation;
- Project management and scientific report writing;
- Industrial companies in the area.
¤ experience of basic experimental work in advanced manufacturing
Examination type:
Final (group) project and presentation
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter, topic interest and knowledge, answers to the questions, and interest in Sweden and Swedish culture.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hostel (and most likely a summer residence)
Three meals a day, at least one hot
Bus and walking. Transportation for free to all scheduled activities.