I'm in CCCP

General description

Hi, everybody!

We are from far away cold country of hot people;) We are from Russia...

-STOP! What bullshit are u writing here? You cannot say that u are from Russia, otherwise everybody will think we drink only vodka and sleep with bears in snow.

- But it's not true! Now Russia is the modern country with high technologies. We can understand what means "marketing" and "consumer" and MORE - we organize course I'm in CCCP - International Marketing in Cross Cultural Concepts of Promotions .

As u can see, our course will be about the differences between International and Cross Cultural marketing and how successfully promote your product taking into consideration particularities of mentality. You'll learn about typical mistakes while entering new market, new instruments of promotion and consumer behavior.

Stop thinking that all country is only Siberia with wild animals and people wears just the "budenovka" and play on the "balalaika" ))

-But if I want to see old Russia with all this staff?

-Every person at least one time in the life would like to return to the past. Crazy LBG Eka gives you unique chance not only to receive a perfect knowledge in the field of marketing, but also to plunge into an epoch of old time, to see Russia like country with rich history and interesting past. Back to the USSR!! A red star, ovos'ka, Revived Lenin and Olympic bear - are heroes of our following story.

If u want to learn smth new, to get new friends, to be participant on the Pioneer party and you are Really Crazy Claver Communicative Person - we are waiting for u!!

Academic information

Content and topics:

Culture and Cultural Concepts
From International to Cross Cultural Marketing
Consumer Behaviour
Market Segmentation - Clustering Nations
Type and Origin of Products
Communication and Advertising

Learning goals and objectives:

Get new knowledge in the field of Cross Cultural Marketing.
Training of the praktikal skills in the international and crosscultural market influence.

Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

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Selection criteria:

Motivation Letter

Practical arrangements

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Students dormitory

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course coffee breaks.

University Bus, public transport and a bit walking.