Security kaleidoscope DESIGN: The different colors of Security@IT

General description

Have you heard about 'hacking' and 'quantum cryptography'?

Are you curious about what is behind the AntiVirus software?

Do you believe that your PC can identify your voice as well as your dog can?

Do you think that a machine is able to 'see' a person in a video recording?

Do you like kaleidoscopes and fancy colors?

I guess that at least for the last question, the answer of all of you was Yes!!! But honestly, we really care about what you think and what you like. So please, share with us your thoughts and beliefs in your Motivation Letters...

So as you can see the course will be about computer security. Quite boring, isn't it??? Please, don't be scared, we'll try hard to make it as interesting as possible to prove YOU that it's not boring at all... Just trust me, you'll see!!!

The course will be about traditional computer security extended by biometrics. You'll gain knowledge in the following domains: hacking, cryptography, biometrics, speaker identification and artificial intelligence empowered video processing. The lecture about AntiVirus issues will be delivered by true professionals because it's exactly the Czech republic, where many market-leading AntiVirus companies come from.

We're also working on the leisure part of the course. For now, you have to be satisfied with the fact that the weekend will be VERY BIG and full of surprises!!! And for sure you'll see our beautiful historical city which is full of sights, some of them are quite creepy, so be aware. And last but not least we'll show you our mighty Dragon, which is these days traveling somewhere around Europe.

So as you can see, Brno has a lot to offer. And... And I almost forgot, we have the BEST people and the BEST beer in the world for a reasonable 'student-like' price!!!

So why are you still waiting? Apply!!! NOW!!!

Ps.: There's one more thing I also forgot, but don't tell it to anyone because it's a secret: perhaps we'll go to a wine cellar for professionally driven wine-tasting :-P So be ready and pack your favorite wine glass!!!


Academic information

Content and topics:
Computer securitiy, hacking, cryptography and biometrical security applications.
Learning goals and objectives:
To gain a good overview of the classical IT security extended by biometrics
Examination type:
Final presentation of a group project.
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Public transportation