Re-Design your city: Discover how to live with water!

General description

Climate on earth is constantly changing... water is rising... Cities near the sea have no future, or maybe they have...?

Maybe there is a solution.

This is what we will try to discover. We believe that we can change our future by learning how to live together with water and eliminate its boundaries with cities! Come to Thessaloniki, a town which is fading in the sea and practice what is considered to be the New Age in Architecture. Our professors will give you a first idea of the topic and even let you experiment on our beautiful and historical city.

Along with Re-Designing future you will also have the opportunity to experience the greek way of entertaining and how we spend our time with HALARA coffees and great all-night parties! Life in Thessaloniki never ends, since it is the biggest student-city of Greece. Here you can find a place to taste hot 'rakomelo' or cold 'frappe' all the time. Taste our special Mediterranean recipes in our traditional Greek-Mother's night and party with 'ouzo', 'tsipouro' and 'retsina'. Visit archeological sites, museums and enjoy the view from the top of the ancient City Walls.

We are waiting for you to Re-Design our lives!

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University canteen and traditional tavernas