Virtual mobility: European education and beyond

General description

Student mobility and exchange programmes are very common activities

among the Higher Education students nowadays. ERASMUS exchange

programmes were initiated to encourage the transnational cooperation

among universities in 1987. At the moment, about 2200 Higher Education

Institutions in 31 countries are participating in ERASMUS. In the last

20 years, 1.2 million students have had such an European mobility

study experience.

This event will investigate ways to improve the efficiency of the

Erasmus programme through the support for an extended Erasmus action.

This action would be a complement to the existing Erasmus exchange

programmes. More specifically, virtual Erasmus will be issued, since

it can be mainly used to prepare and follow-up the physical mobility,

and to support teachers in coaching at a distance. The participants

are expected to contribute to the design of such an extended Erasmus


In addition to the academic program you will be the lucky one, who will discover the secrets of the piece of heaven called Bulgaria, which will impress you with the beauty of azure, the warm Black Sea and the magnificent mountains covered with snow... where only sky is the limit! You will have also the chance to visit one of the ancient European capitals and the biggest city in Bulgaria! Centuries ago it was called from the Romans - Serdika, from the Slavenians - Sredetz, from the Greeks - Triaditza, and now - Sofia.

Sofia is presented in a remarkable architectural style. Historic landmarks include the 10th-century Boyana Church(one of the UNESCO World Heritage Protected Sites, the Alexander Nevski Cathedral (one of the world's largest Ortodox churches), and the early Byzantine church of St. Sofia

More modern architecture is represented by the Bulgarian National Opera and Ballet, the Ivan Vazov National Theatre , the Rakovski Str theatre district, Slaveykov Square -outdoor book market, and the NDK, which is Southeastern Europe's largest cultural and congressional centre.

Also you will have the opportunity to see Sofia's huge nightlife scene with many different night clubs, live venues, pubs, mehani (Bulgarian traditional taverns), and restaurants. The Students Town is the most popular place for wonderful party nights. So be prepared to have a great time!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation Letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Breakfast - sandwiches with tea and coffee, Lunch and dinner - hot meal. All the food will be provided by the organizers.
Transport is provided by the organizers. After the parties the participants will be transported by the organizers by cars.