Row me over and lay me down in Tokaj

General description

Hey, do you know the song?

This is number one and the fun has just begun!

This is number two and the river is so blue

This is number three and now you will sightsee

This is number four, and we started to explore

This is number five, and you cry: "I will survive!"

This is number six, let's feel the cultural mix!

This is number seven, so you won't sleep till' eleven

This is number eight, and the party's getting great!

This is number nine, let's open one more wine!

This is number ten, we stop living in the tent.

This is number eleven, what a shame, we leave the heaven...

Row me over lay me down, and do it again, again, again... in TOKAJ!

If you're fed up with your daily rat race, full mailboxes, boring lectures and hard exams, we know the SOLUTION: Come to Hungary this Summer!

Visit Budapest, this beautiful city on the banks of river Danube! Then sit in canoes and start the hard part! ;)

We will spend 8 days on the river Tisza, canoeing during the days, partying at night, staying in nomad camps! The destination is Tokaj, which is simply the BEST wine region in Hungary!

Just go harder and be the first who reach the wine cellar PARADISE! :-D

So, if you want to spend 13 unforgettable days in Budapest and in the beautiful nature, with singing around the campfire, meeting 19 crazy boys and girls, trying good wines, and having the best season of your life, then you're the ONE WE NEED! Don't hesitate! Apply NOW!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
participants must be able to swim; motivation letter

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Youth Hostel in Budapest; camping beside the river
various foods for breakfasts; lunch packages; hot meals cooked by the ORGs for every dinner
public transportation in Budapest; travelling to the river by train and bus; canoe on the river