Green Propulsion - Would you ever share a beer with your car?

General description

Facing 21st century climate and environmental challenge, former energy systems have to be revisited to become more environmental friendly. Particularly, a great force is given to transport systems that have to be more efficient.
Discover and study the newest propulsion technologies that will make your car ... greener!

During the event, you'll also have the chance to discover Belgium, Liege, and other beautiful cities like Bruges and Brussels, capital of Europe! You'll enjoy one of the greenest place in the country, even a trip to the Spa-Francorchamps Circuit will be organised!
Of course, you'll taste our various, numerous, famous and delicious beers, cheeses and... chocolates. Without forgetting the friendly Belgian spirit and our crazy parties!

Now fasten you seatbelts, hold on tight, and hit the Apply Button!

Academic information

Content and topics:

This course will mainly focus on two different approaches to achieve these cleaner cars:

Electric and Hybrid cars:

  • You all know some famous commercialized hybrid cars. Learn how they work and discover other hybrid realizations.
  • How can fully electric cars either produce their own power or use stored electrical energy?
  • What is it possible to get with high performance batteries?
  • Professor's team successfully realized a fuel cell-propelled vehicle; learn how it works!

Evolutions within internal combustion engine:

  • learn more about engines powered by bio-fuels and hydrogen.
  • How to produce these fuels?
  • Is it really an efficient and reliable solution?
  • What will it change in tomorrow's engines to fit bio-fuels?

Other solutions to have greener cars will also be investigated, as well as different ways of reducing waste of energy.

Theoretical lectures will be partly case study-based and will be illustrated by different visits and demonstrations.

More information can be found on the course website!

Learning goals and objectives:
Learning goals are to give a good and wide overview, as well as a technical understanding of green technologies for cars, with particular focus on electric or hybrid cars, and on bio-fuel and internal combustion engines.
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
The selection will be based on the participant's motivation letter and on the equilibrium in the participants' origin.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

University Residence on the campus, with single room for everyone.
University Canteen. The organisers will also show their cooking talents!
The greenest transportation mean of all: walking :) Bus and train for the visits and activities.