CUD(A) you do it faster?

General description

Where do you see yourself in a couple of months’ time? Or to be more precise, next February?

In case you don’t know yet, we have a suggestion for you. Come to the Graz Winter Course! 9 days where you will learn a lot about two equally astonishing topics.

Number 1 – Virtual worlds:

Ever heard of GPUs? We hope you have, because they are what the academic part is all about. They don’t just serve the purpose of getting content onto your screens, but are very useful as programmable, massively parallel processors that can provide tremendous computational power to applications.

We will give you the opportunity to dig deeper: lecturers from the Institute of Computer Graphics at TU Graz will give you an introduction on how to unlock the full potential of a GPU, to understand how to use the hardware architecture and parallel programming paradigms. With that knowledge, you’ll be able to optimise and accelerate your computations. In the practical part, you’ll gain some hands-on experience in GPU programming based on the NVIDIA CUDA platform.

And guess what: we’ll be collaborating with NVIDIA, so no specific GPU hardware is required from your side.

Number 2 – The Real world:

Let’s move on to the less serious topic, the things you’ll experience outside of lectures. First of all, Austria, a country with a lot of mountains and – with a bit of luck – snowy mountains. February is the perfect time to enjoy the white panorama, to warm yourself with a cup of local mulled wine, to discover the taste of Tafelspitz, Kaiserschmarrn and other traditional dishes. You’ll explore the city of Graz and get to know some of its inhabitants.

And then, most importantly, there is the social part. Because be honest, how often do you happen to spend more than a week with a bunch of international people from all over Europe? Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to have fun with all the other participants and make this week one of the best ones of your life!!

So be quick, apply :)

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Computational Sciences , Computer Engineering , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics
Content and topics:
During the course the following topics will be addressed: 1) GPU architecture and programming model 2) GPU programming 101 3) All about memory 4) A study in reduction 5) Performance optimization
Learning goals and objectives:
This course aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to efficiently and effectively use the GPU to accelerate computations. Topics covered in the course range from basic aspects of modern GPU architecture and programming model to parallel programming techniques and performance optimization. In a practical part, students gain hands-on experience in GPU Programming based on the NVIDIA CUDA platform.
Examination type:
Code optimisation task
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
The main criteria for the selection are the motivation letter and the answers to the questions, where we focus on the interest in the topic. Furthermore, we want to ensure cultural diversity and gender balance among the participants.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

You will be hosted in a hostel, guesthouse or student dormitory.
Three meals a day, at least one of them hot. Cooked and served by our helpful organisers or local restaurants.
Public transport, walking