The Lord of The Factories : The Four Industries

General description

*Frodo Baggins singing*

*Emotional flute in the background*

Hello, it’s me

I was wondering if after all this years you’d like to meet

To come over, learn a thing

They say the time supposed to teach ya,

But it ain’t done much teaching

Hello, can you hear me?

I’m in Poland and I am dreaming about who we can be

When we are industrial and quick

I’ve forgotten how it looked like before the Industry 4.0 appeared

There’s such a difference

Between past and what we have now

Hello from Polaaaand

The country of pierogi and fuuuun

I’m sorry to tell you but you are breaking my heart

If you still hesitate whether to apply

Hello from the industry’s hoome

The lord of factories wanna see you coome

I’ve heard the rumors that you shall not pass

But it doesn’t matter, it should not discourage you


*softly weeping*

I’ve heard that one does not simply say „no” to Frodo. So don’t break his heart.

Come to Łódź and get some knowledge about Industry 4.0.

We guarantee you great time and a lot of practise during the course.

You won’t regret it.

Choose fun.

Choose experience.

Choose Łódź.

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Economics/Business Administration/Marketing , Industrial Management , Production Engineering/Management
Content and topics:
Basic terms connected with Industry 4.0, key technologies of Industry 4.0, major barriers of Industry 4.0 technologies implementation, major chances (benefits) of Industry 4.0 technologies implementation, new Types of Organizations of Industry 4.0.
Learning goals and objectives:
The aim is to familiarize the students with overall topic of Industry 4.0. Special emphasis will be put on certain topics i.e.: Getting acquainted with fundamental rules of website creation, Gaining basic skills in managing company/brand fanpages in social media. Understanding the basics of IoT, machine learning, use of GCP public cloud, Introduction to Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises, During training students will be introduced to Agile project managements methodologies bases on Scaled Agile Framework. As practical examples Agile methods of working will be presented in practical use
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Interest in topic, motivation letter and your answers

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

A hostel, guesthouse or student dormitory.
Three meals per day, at least one warm.
Public transport, buses.