Fantastic StartUps and How to Build Them

General description

Imagine that you have a great idea. Imagine that you want to build something meaningful around that idea. How do you sell it? How do you get a team to work alongside you on your dream? How do you StartUP?

Learn from people that know how to sail in these seas so that you know how to jump-start your projects, how to fundraise and promote, learn financial tips and everything you’re looking for to wonder others with your ideas.

Build your company, make your own rules, you can BE the BOSS of yourself!

Come to Almada, here you will taste Portuguese Cuisine, enjoy our lovely weather and beautiful beaches, have tons of fun and meet a lot of new people while learning about our culture.

We solemnly swear we are up to something good!


Academic information

Fields of activity:
Economics/Business Administration/Marketing , Industrial Management , Logistics , Production Engineering/Management
Content and topics:
Time Management, Public Speaking, Leadership, Teamwork, Networking, Creativity, Opportunities, Marketing, Product Management.
Learning goals and objectives:
We are approaching the Personal Development and the Business Development side of an idea. In the end our participants will know how to build a start-up from a concept and go through all the necessary steps to launch a product.
Examination type:
Case Study or Oral Presentation.
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Participants will be chosen by Motivation Letter and by answering the questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Residence for students.
The meals will be provided by the organizers. There will be served 3 meals each day and at least one of those will be a hot meal.
All the transportation will be provided by the organizers (boat, metro, buses and cars).