Cells plus engineering equals life! Introduction to tissue engineering

General description

How will the future look like? Will it be possible to order an organ to be made when we need one? Will it be an animal organ? Or will we be able to create a new biological heart or a knee? Or maybe, we will make metal bones, plastic knees and rubber hearts that will be stronger and more efficient than the native ones?

These and similar questions are in focus of research of many scientists today, working in different disciplines such as biology, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, materials science, and engineering. One of the answers could be tissue engineering, an approach to create functional biological tissues in a bioreactor outside of living organisms. But how do the cells make tissues and what do they need? In this course, basic principles of tissue engineering will be presented with laboratory demos of biomaterials and tissue engineering bioreactors. In addition, special attention will be given to different aspects of this field and development of communication skills by work and discussions in multidisciplinary student teams.

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Academic information

Content and topics:
Tissue engineering as an alternative approach to replace diseased or damaged tissues and organs.
Learning goals and objectives:
Learn about basic concepts and tools used in tissue engineering, such as cells, bio materials and bio reactors: to develop communication skills to work in international and multidisciplinary teams.
Examination type:
Written exam
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