Concrete Structures Design

General description

Since man has left the caves, he started to spread all over the planet and built dwellings to live in and constructed roads to walk on. But what if he wanted a castle instead of a house? And what if the road ended in a valley? Then he realized that he had to build in a great scale. The question is? which material is the best for building structures? Stone? Yes, it is good and you can find it everywhere. Steel? Sure, steel is cool, especially in combination with glass. However, there is one kind of material whose history started in ancient times, but had to wait till 18th century to become one of the most used materials in structural engineering. Of course, it is concrete, easily-shapeable, solid, durable!

There are so many reasons why to construct from concrete. . .

Do you want to know them?

Do you want to find out everything about this amazing material?

Do you want to learn about great structures like high-rise buildings and bridges?

Do you want to feel as a real engineer and prepare your own concrete products?

If your answer is YES, then you have so many reasons why you should come to Brno, the capital of the South Moravia in the wonderful Czech Republic, the land of the most tasty beer and Moravian wines!

So what are you waiting for? Apply now for Concrete Structures Design and come to visit our beautiful city and learn more with our experts from Brno University of Technology, to have fun and enjoy crazy parties, to meet the BEST people, to make new friends. . . simply, to have the time of your life!

The dragons are waiting for you!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Content of theoretical lectures: 1.History of Concrete Structures 2.Application of Concrete in Construction Engineering 3.High-rise Structures 4.Concrete Bridges 5.Concrete application in Geotechnical Engineering 6.Faults and Failures of Concrete Laboratory exercises: Preparation of concrete Excursions: Participants will visit sites to see process of constructing concrete structures
Learning goals and objectives:
Gain more knowledge about concrete usage and new trends in structural engineering.
Examination type:
Written test/Presentation
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter

Practical arrangements

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Students' dormitories
Students' canteen
Public transportation, out of the city bus/train