Veni, Vidi, Frui ... taste our traditions

General description

Wanna know what this course is about?

It's about discovering Latvia with the rich cultural traditions, focusing on visiting beer making factories & learning the process of beer making with the possibility to taste it!

As we would say:

VENI – just come

... beauty of Latvian nature: wild forests, waterfalls, unforgettable sunsets, night swimming, volley on the golden sand beaches ...

VIDI – just see

… the city of inspiration Riga, mystery of old castles, magic of small villages & secret of traditional sailors` celebration …

FRUI – just enjoy

…excitement of drinking cold beer, ‘cause we’ll guide you through the extraordinary world of beer production & traditions in Latvia, and, of course, you’ll have a chance to taste some …

In other words:

Full package of our traditions.

… and actually even more

Come & get it! :)

Information for applicants

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Practical arrangements

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