How do companies manage the challenges of sustainable development ?

General description

We often hear about Sustainable Development, either in our daily life or in relation with the studies in engineering, as it is now a topic of concerns for companies, which need engineers who have skills in this domain. Just come to Paris, Ecole Centrale to improve your knowledge on Sustainable Development, thanks to lectures and company visits, and also have fun with 20 young people from all over Europe !!

Academic information

Content and topics:
- Sustainable Development in our daily life - Sustainable Development in companies
Learning goals and objectives:
- We want participants to have a PRECISE idea of Sustainable Development at the end of the event
Examination type:
- Evaluation at the end of the Course - Evaluation at the middle of the Course

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

You will be lodged on the campus of our Engineer School.
We will use public transports and perhaps some private buses.