Telemedicine-[Information Technologies+Medicine]=Health Care in the Future

General description

Do you want to make one step in the future in case to see how human lives could be easily saved thanks to the development of Telemedicine so come and study with us!

The course will contain tree main parts:

· Systems for collecting and treatment of medical diagnostic signals (ECG and ultrasound diagnostic systems)

· Medical Image Information Systems, which gives the students the knowledge in basic methods for digital medical image creating, processing, coding, storing, transmission etc

· Satellite and Mobile communication (medical communication systems and so on)

We will show you both the theoretical and practical aspects of this amazing field called Telemedicine.

You will have also the chance to visit one of the ancient European cities, the biggest city of Bulgaria and its capital! Centuries ago it was called from the Romans - Serdika, from the Slovenians -Sredetz, from the Greeks - Triaditza, and now - Sofia.

You will also have the unique chance to try some magnificent Bulgarian meals.

Unfortunately we don’t have any pubs and disco clubs, any beautiful girls and boys, any cheap alcohol! ………………… OK, OK, don’t cry! We are just kidding! We are sure that you’ll find out what does it mean to PARTY here! You won’t be disappointed! Now, you can start counting the days! Sofia is waiting for you!

Academic information

Content and topics:
Systems for collecting and treatment of medical diagnostic signals; Medical Image Information Systems; Satellite and Mobile communications;
Learning goals and objectives:
Introducing the students the development and usage of the Medical communication and computer systems
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Practical arrangements

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