STOP SMOKING & GO FASTER ! Discover the New World of Transportation

General description

Have you ever thought how important transportation was in our everyday life ? Are you sure ??

Well, to be aware of it, imagine you’re luckily accepted to a BEST event and that all modern transportation don’t exist ? How would you survive a 15 days horse-riding trip ??!!!!

Hopefully engineers made our life much easier inventing fast transportation systems (which are getting cleaner and cleaner). That’s why you will take part to the clean revolution (not the French one, no casualties allowed !!;) of transportation.

Indeed, during this event, we’ll make a great general overview on all kind of transport, from planes to trains, cars and even subways; with a visit in well-known companies for each transport (Airbus, Toyota, TGV…).

So mainly, you’ll be provided a lot of information about the new transportation systems either made or used in France. Do you really believe that this great topic will be the only main thing we’ll do ?? Come on !! Of course not !!! Another main issue of our event is FUN, FUN, FUN and FUN again !!!!

At the same time you will discover our city, our region and their secrets. And maybe have the great opportunity to enjoy a week-end trip to Paris (it’s far to be sure but we’re trying our BEST to make you happy !) But don’t worry we’ll find something else if it’s not possible ;-)

And, once night has come, you will discover surprises we are preparing just for you. Furthermore, we will show you some typical habits of our University... and even French (kiss) lessons for motivated people :) !!

If you’re curious and want to watch the video of our last event click here and save on your computer this presentation we made to motivate people join our organizing team!

Come and have the BEST time of your life !!! APPLY NOW !!!

Academic information

Content and topics:
We will talk about transportation in general. You will learn about plane, cars and trains as new cleaner way of transportation. We will talk a little about electronics and mechanics but the main learning our will be visits to companies with lectures done there. It will be more about discovering than about learning. We hope you will like it.
Learning goals and objectives:
Updating and improving our participant's knowledge about transportation systems
Examination type:
Oral presentation or written examination.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
We are looking for participants who are naturally curious and would like to discover brand new transportation systems used in France.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

ENSAM Students' residence (nice apartments that you can choose to share with other participants or not)
We will prepare breakfeast for you. Lunch will be at the University restaurant or outside if we are on a visit. Dinner will be provided or we'll take you to a restaurant in the city.
We will use cars and buses to go outside Lille. Inside the city we will take the subway or go walking.