Bridge up your life!

General description

Do you have a dream, one day to constructing your own bridge?

Come to Norway and join us for two crazy weeks, and get the BEST experience this year!

In the land of fjords we really know the importance of bridges, and how they connect people and countries together.

During the course we will explore the westcoast of Norway, and the amazing Atlantic road. Check out the link:

Academic information

Content and topics:
Bridge types. Basics about construction of bridges. Building materials; concrete, steel and timber. Design loads for traffic, wind, snow.
Learning goals and objectives:
Introduction to construction of bridges. Learn basics about structural systems, loads and materials. Show how bridges work, by practical building and testing at a model bridge in studentgroups in laboratory. Introduction to computer programs for numerical calculations, and simple use og the programs.
Examination type:
One hour, mulitiple choice, calculation and design.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Field of study, social skills

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

You will stay in a school during the days in Trondheim. Lectures are held at our university NTNU. When we are on our excursion, we will stay in different places in Norway.
We will serve you two cold and one warm meal each day. Between the meals there is a chance to get some snacks and coffee. You get the chance to taste typical Norwegian food and drinks.
Bus transportation