Wood Stock 2006

General description

The course will give you an insight into the different aspects of wood product technology focusing into the mechanical wood processing. You will learn about the solid wood products, housing and structural uses of wood and wood products.

And of course you will get to experience Finnish nature, parties and saunas - heated with wood of course :)

Academic information

Content and topics:
Finland has become one of the leading forest industry countries in the world, known for the quality products, component manufactures and engineering skills. The raw materials and energy resources are mainly domestic, but most of all the Finnish know-how is the key factor in the rapid growth of all the sectors in the industry. Helsinki University of Technology is the oldest and the largest university of technology in Finland. HUT's Department of Forest Products Technology combines in its activities all the branches of the forest industry providing students a very unique combination of education in both mechanical and chemical forest products technology. Studying at the Department of Forest Products Technology is versatile. The courses are taught by the experts from both the University and industry. The hands-on experiences, including laboratory exercises and excursions to the industry, are emphasized besides the theoretical education. The same kind of combination of lectures and practical experiences will be offered to the BEST Summer Course 2006 students. Two years ago we had a summer course also about forest industry. It was more about chemical wood processing and paper industry and now we are concentrating more on actual wood products. This Summer Course will give you an insight into the sawn industry, plywood, wood in house building and wood products. The students will learn about the product chain from tree logs to a finished wood product. Topic can be divided in two special topics: wood construction technology and sawn timber deeper examination.
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Mainly motivation letters

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

In 3-4 big rooms with an easy access to showers and toilet.
Breakfasts and dinners are cooked by the organisers, lunches are usually in a local student cantine.
Foot, public transportation, taxis, bus.