Safe Structural Design

General description

Hmm, how to design a building. Easy - foundations, walls, roof and something inside this :)) But this simple recipe doesn’t work anymore… Each year there are arising new ways of constructing, new materials, and even new solutions of the structures. But not just this… Come with us to dive in the world of latest glass structures, nature-friendly timber constructions and classical but still in some cases not replaceable masonry structures. We will also add important information about reliability, costs & service life + some building physics stuff to transform the building to a place where you really will feel like you belong ;)) APPLY FOR OUR COURSE!!!

The whole course will be divided into lectures, exercises and excursions. The knowledge you gain through the whole course will be used in final team presentation for the teachers and other participants.

STILL NOT 100% SURE THAT YOU MUST APPLY? :)) Well, so we’ll try MORE!!! In addition to this great academic program you will be the lucky one who discovers the secrets of the Czech Republic, better said Moravia, one part of the CR with its capital Brno. Many new buildings in our city, of course the historical ones but not everything is just about buildings ;)) We are a nation of beer and Moravian wine of course. Parties without end and new lifelong friendships are waiting for you! We truly hope that this tempting description of our course did its job well and convinced you it is worth your visit... and also that you should move your butt and get over here for a beer!!!

See you soon here in Brno!!! ;)

Academic information

Content and topics:
Here is the summary of the academic part:
• Stochastic mechanics – reliability assessment of reinforced concrete structures
• Parameters identification using statistical virtual simulation and artificial neural networks
• Developments in use of structures – from history to present
• Advancement in application of new structural forms and new materials
• Limit states associated to durability and relevant reliability levels
• Modeling of thermal effects in civil structures
Learning goals and objectives:
Gain more knowledge in the field of structural engineering, simply dive more in this topic =)
Examination type:
Final team presentation

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Good motivation to come to CZ, nationality variety, 50%-50% gender distribution (at least we'll try :))

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student hostel, during the weekend trip some other acommodation (surprise!!! ;))
Breakfast, lunch, dinner (Student canteen). We'll try to arrange for you some typical Czech meals as well (but not very often, because they're quite fat ;))
Public transport in Brno, train or bus on weekend trip