Surf’s up!! Ride the perfect wave…

General description

Have you ever seen the ocean, the real one with waves?

Have you ever watched Baywatch, seen surf movies on TV and wondered how amazing it would be to try it one day?

Well, wonder no more, that day has arrived! We give you Surf’s up!! Ride the perfect wave…

Yes, for the first time in BEST you’ll be able to spend one week next to the Atlantic in the southern corner of Europe, for a leisure event that has just one purpose: to teach you how to surf! :)

So…no more standing in front of the TV… Just apply for it and start packing up your stuff for the BEST week of your life! =)

You’ll have the chance to swim, learn how to surf with real teachers, feel the sunset in the ocean while having a barbecue, walk in the hills of Lisbon, go the most western point in continental Europe and know the country where beaches are used all year long: Portugal =)

Still there? Go to the web site, watch the videos and the pictures from the place where you’ll be and see all the details.

Then come back and apply……without you it won’t be any fun!

See you very, very soon ……riding the perfect wave =D

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and questions

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Home made, canteen, restaurants
University bus and public transports