A.I. & V.R. - welcome to (un)real world

General description

The travel toward the recesses of the human mind is within your reach….
Reveal the unknown….
Your peace will be disturbed…
So, remember, you start this travel only on your own risk…
There might be no coming back for you...

In 2030 we will lose the race with computers….
Computers based on artificial intelligence will pass the Turing test, which until now, made a recognition between a “thinking” and “taught” creatures possible. Our minds will no longer be the best machines in the world. Processors will be 500 000 times more efficient than nowadays. The Internet will connect trillion devices at the time. The artificial intelligence will be omnipresent, starting from electronical devices, ending at humanoids.

They will be able to show feelings, emotions, share their impressions with the others…
And what if they one day they desire to use those skills against us?
Will we manage to share the same planet?
Is the global extermination a possible scenario?

If you want to know the answer to those questions, the development of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality is not an indifferent matter to you – apply to the summer course organised by BEST Gliwice.
The result of the race with technology is up to you…

Academic information

Content and topics:
Overview of artificial intelligence and virtual reality
Learning goals and objectives:
Examination type:
Writing test and presentation
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Information for applicants

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Motivation letter

Practical arrangements

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Students' dormitory
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Private bus and public transportation