We Will Rock You ! Deep inside Mother Nature - Geology & Geotourism

General description

Discover a real treasure of Mother Nature hidden under the

ground.Rocks and minerals.Explore secrets and beauty of Poland and

find out what Geotourism really means. You will have a chance to learn

how internal Earth process deform rocks and raise them into mountains.

One of the wonderful things about geology is that wherever you go,

there the Earth is still there. We will give you a clear understanding

of mechanisms by which Earth's landscape is created and then eroded by

streams, wind and glaciers.

Geology is really exciting! Do you enjoy puzzles and mysteries? Play

with us as a Sherlock Holmes solving riddles and secrets of a past.

Earth's history is recorded in accumulated rock layers, and reading it

is like reading a fascinating, intriguing novel.

But here in Krakow, we can offer you something more than a science. We

offer you visiting beautiful city where 4 realities (medieval, jewish,

socialist and hightech) exist in one place.


Have you ever visited 20 different-style pubs one night?

Have you been to the city where most of the pubs are placed at least

5m underground ?

Have your ever met a dragon?

Have you ever licked the walls of the mine?

Have you ever met a "bizon" in a bottle?

If not, prepare for the best summer in your life. Here in Krakow .

We Will ROCK You !

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written exam or presentation
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Selection criteria:
motivation letter and big enthusiasm

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

The Best polish food- students canteen,breakfast and dinner will be cooked by fantastic organizers
public transport,buses