Energy alternatives : sustainable development for strategic decision making

General description

You're going to discover the richness of the city of Paris, and the spirit of our very motivated LBG through a trip around energy issues. You will have lessons, visits to museum or energy-related firms, or workshops in the morning, and in the afternoon, we will organise games, activities and, obviously, you will discover Paris and its so famous Eiffel Tower ! Finally, you will have parties every evenings, in our campus or in Paris !

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Applied Sciences , Chemical Engineering , Chemistry/Chemical Technology , Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering , Electronic/Electrotechnical Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Industrial Management , Petroleum Engineering , Power Engineering
Content and topics:
What are the sources of energy today, what are the renewable energies of the future, and how to steadily replace, strategically speaking, the energies of today by an alternative future.
Learning goals and objectives:
Learn what are the renewable energies, how they work, understand what are the stakes of this renewable energies, and if they are cost-effective, at short, middle and long-term.
Examination type:
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
-Motivation letter -Interest for the topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Inside our campus
3 meals/day.
We will take the means of transport (RER and Metro) when we have to go to Paris