Teaching with Technology

General description

This summer, you will get a great opportunity to visit Slovakia, the heart of Europe, and be a part of an event with unmatched potential of changing the future of European engineering / technical studies. BEST Bratislava brings you the opportunity to take part in the Event on Education “Teaching with Technology”!

During the event you will get an opportunity to discuss how to connect theory of learning with practice and adjust the learning styles to university studies. You can also share ideas how should courses be organised and how can the learning styles prepare you for the future career. Nowadays, technology takes a big part in our lives and it should also be part of our university studies. Together with other participants and experts in the field you will get to discuss how the possibilities of online courses are really used and how can their use be improved in the future. Also, you will share your opinion on the integration of technologies in courses and the student centered classrooms.

The majority of the event will be carried out in conference style, i.e. you can look forward to discussions, case studies and and group work. Some of the outcomes from previous Events on Education have found their way into the university studies, e.g. the outcomes from the Bologna process and accreditation of the soft-skills courses. You can really expect to be a part of the formation of future European engineering education.

In addition to the time spent in the lively discussions, there will be lots of relaxing moments, fun and bonding with students like you from all over Europe in the great PARTYslava. Can you imagine better start of summer than celebrating the end of exams with us? If you want to be part of the change and spend one awesome week having fun, making a difference and making students' voice matter, we are eagerly waiting for you!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
motivation letter, interest in topic

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

School canteen, prepared by organizers; three meals per day, at least one cooked
Public transport, walking