Sustainable Agriculture, Water and You: Let the ancient gods sustain us!

General description

Have you ever wanted to visit Muğla, brimming with coastal resorts, picturesque villages, stunning beaches, and the calm waters of the Aegean Sea? If you did, you will have the chance while learning about sustainability regarding agriculture and water, in here, a land of agriculture and water!

After a long break, LBG Ankara is once again organizing a course far from home, on the shores of the Aegean Sea! This year, we want you to join us for this Ancient Egypt-themed 9 days adventure where you will get to learn about basics of sustainability, its relation to agriculture, the food-water-energy nexus, and much more without any prior knowledge required!

While assuring the lectures to be delivered by some of the BEST professionals with areas of interest regarding our topic, we haven’t forgotten to make sure you experience the best of activities, some of which are merged with our theme and Turkish culture.

It will be our pleasure to welcome you for 9 wonderful sunny days, especially if you like water -both in lectures and to swim in.


Academic information

Fields of activity:
Environmental Engineering , Food Engineering
Content and topics:
-Basics of sustainability and sustainable applications in general -Concept of smart and sustainable cities -Agricultural processing systems -Agricultural sustainability, uses, and management -Water management, sustainable water and sanitation -Sustainable energy and climate change -Food-Water-Energy Nexus -Linking up sanitation, water management and agriculture -Outlook for future trends on sustainable development
Learning goals and objectives:
-Sustainable development and sustainability applications -To have a basic understanding regarding environmental sustainability -To develop fundamental knowledge on water management, sustainable water and sanitation -To gain insights on agricultural sustainability -To have a basic understanding on food-water-energy nexus -To overview modeling and optimization of agricultural processing systems -To understand sustainable energy and climate change -To provide basic information on linking water management, sanitation and agricultural issues with planning for sustainable development
Examination type:
group work and presentation
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and answer to three questions.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hotel or hostel
3 meals/day, at least one of them will be served hot.
Walking, bus etc. (no extra costs)