Eat that!: Innovation in food technology and nutrition

General description

Come spend a whole week with us learning about food in every aspect from the technology to the psychology of the industry and have fun doing it. Innovation will be the main theme of the course and how it affects all the steps on the way. You will get the best people in the business here in Iceland to teach you and you will even get your hands dirty and "learn by doing". Now lets get down to business. You have probably heard about the crazy Icelandic nightlife, the awesome nature scenes and the beautiful blonde women that live in igloos while their viking husbands sail the seas winning strong man competitions. Yes we have it all here on this island in the Atlantic and now you can experience these thing yourself on our fantastic course, Eat That!: Innovation in food technology and nutrition.

Academic information

Content and topics:
Integration of innovations in food technology, food machinery with software with hot topics in nutrition,consumers and food research.
Learning goals and objectives:
The overall aim of the course is to make students of different scientific disciplines understand how developments in nutrition, consumer science, food production and food engineering are linked together. How innovations in food products for improving health and for other benefits for the consumers rely on mutual understanding and dialogue between science, industry and consumers.
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Three meals a day, at least on warm.