"Just like a Pill? "

General description

"You take the red pill & you stay in wonderland & we show how deep is the rabbit whole goes"

Have you ever wondered about how medicines are made? Or does petroleum refinement sound intriguing to you?

During this course you'll have the opportunity to acquaint yourself with the chemical industy's two major branch, medicine and oil industry.

Can't decide which one are you more anxious to know about? Come to Veszprém and we'll show you one of the biggest oil refineries of Central Europe and Hungary's medicine industry.

Don't just hear about it, see it for yourself! Veszprém is waiting for you!

And that's what awaits you if you decide to visit our fine country:

You'll get to participate in the greatest music festival in town, and to party with beautiful Hungarian girls, and crazy guys for 10 days long. If even that is not enough to motivate you, we might as well tell that if you come, you can spend an unforgettable weekend near the Hungarian Sea!!! (a.k.a. Balaton;)

So, if you want to taste the best Hungarian wines, apply now!!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Chemical Engineering , Chemistry/Chemical Technology , Environmental Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Medicine/Dental Medicine , Petroleum Engineering , Pharmacy
Content and topics:
You'll have a detailed overview of the chemical industy's two major branch, medicine and oil industry. Content: chemical engineering, case studies, company visits, lectures in the field of medicine and oil industry.
Learning goals and objectives:
To give the participants an inside view of chemical engineering of several companies.You will visit companies to see directly the construction methods.
Examination type:
written exam
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Participants have to interest in topic and write a creative motivation letter.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

3 meals, at least one hot meal a day
Public transport