Medical imaging for diagnosis, image guided surgery and drug discovery

General description

Have you always been interested in medical imaging and are you still curious about how it works? Then, welcome to our Summer Course! At the end of it, you will be a real master in the 3 major fields :

  • Medical imaging for diagnosis .

  •  Image guided surgery

  •  Drug discovery
Firstly, you will learn the origin and the evolution of the medical imaging. You’ll learn also the different techniques to catch a image. The teacher will explain what an image is(pixel,…). A mathematical summary of treatment of image will be expose (Fourier transform, etc ).
Secondly, you will see more particularly how medical imaging can help the surgeon. For the third part, normally, a company will come to expose how the molecules of drug act into the brain.
But don't worry, no technical backgrounds are needed, except maybe the use of MatLab.

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