In BRAND We Trust - How to Develop and Promote a Brand

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Oliver Wendell Holmes said "A man's mind, once streched, never goes back to its original dimensions." This is what we're looking for...eager minds to be streched. So come! Come and find out why Santa is red, why everybody goes to Hawaii, and why BEST and green go together. Short and not at all simple, we name it BRANDING. The course will go through: the process of building a brand; identity mark - logos, names, slogans; market and public image; marketing & sales - how to sell your brand; re-branding ; corporate identity; team-work; evaluating concepts - production and implementation. You will also experience: filming your own commercial; making your own ad-prints; one whole day of TV-commercials viewing and commenting; Bucharest Brand Rally; working on developing your own brand; visiting advertising companies; working on building a complex promoting campaign.

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