How to do it again, again, again... Renewable Sources of Energy

General description

Are you ready to be renewable? And what about the world? Are human beings committed to finding new ways of producing energy? We will attempt to find out if renewable sources of energy are really the future for our world.

Nowadays people become "slaves" of energy. Since the 19th century, following the industrial revolution one thing was sure - that it would change the face of the world, a world where over 80% of all energy comes from fossil fuels. That's why in the 21st century people will look for new sources and there is probably nothing better than the renewable sources. Why are they the BEST and are they really the future for human beings? How can they be gained and then how can they be used? For these and many more questions you will get an answer at our course run by professors at Warsaw University of Technology, as well as scientists from various other organizations.

During this course we want to show you the energy of the future and let you know more about its use in sustainable buildings. To accomplish this we will take you to places related to renewable sources of energy and complete some laboratory experiments as well.

And have you ever dreamt of building your own mini solar panel? This summer we'll make your dreams come true!:-)

Of course you will do much more than just attend lectures! We will show you the most beautiful places in Poland and Warsaw - a city in the very heart of Europe, as well as the student's way of life - in a city of over 250 000 students you will never be bored!

So take your energy with you and if you want to make it never ending come to our electrified course to see how to do it again, again, again... if you know what I mean...;-)

Academic information

Content and topics:
Gain and use of renewable sources of energy.
Learning goals and objectives:
To provide general knowledge about new sources of energy and their practical use.
Examination type:
Test exam.

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Student's Residence.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner.