B4: Boats Between Bears and Beers

General description

The rest for you - flight to seaside, transfer in taxi from airport, comfortable hotel, lying on a beach and martini in a glass!? FORGET ABOUT IT!
No mobile connection...
...but climbing on rocks to touch the sky
No soft sofas...
...but swimming in kayaks on the wild river
No professors pressing your mind...
...but relaxing hard 24/7
No hot shower...
...but enjoying hand-made banya and having biten by brunches
No plugs and electricity at all...
...but playing guitar near the fire-place
No McDonalds...
...but hot food cooked on fire
No conditioned air...
...but deeply feeling taste of Ural grass and freedom
& ...more
Wazzap! Warm up your mind for Great Transcontinental Expidition: exiting 7-days extreme trip trough Ural wild mountains and exploring the city on continents crossroads - Ekaterinburg (direct shuttle Europe-Asia is included).
ATTENTION: Adrenalin-addicted people are needed.

...and, be advised, the best beer is vodka.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

when we stay in the city - hostel, while the nature trip - tents.
when we stay in the city - 3 times per day (2 - hot). While the nature trip - 3 meals - 2 hot meals (cooked on fire) and 1 - snack.
transfer City - Cayaking Start Point by Bus. Cayaking Start Point - Cayaking Final Point by boats.