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General description

Dear citizen of the Earth,

don't you think it is time to change the way we live? The climate is changing, the temperature is increasing and

extreme phenomenon (storms, inundations) are developing...

Did you know that in France more than 40% of the electricity is consumed in the buildings?... 25% of greenhouse effect gases are emitted by individual or collective houses...

An important effort has to be done in buildings to stop wastes of energy as well as water and to develop local production of renewable energy.

Come to Grenoble and take part in this crazy event where ecological spirit will motivate you to change the world for the better!

Come to Grenoble and spend a week-end in a cottage in the French Alps with unforgettable landscapes.

Come to Grenoble to take part to our marvellous parties and discover French culture : cheese, wine... French kisses...

Academic information

Content and topics:
Complete information about the way to protect the environment in a building. You will learn how to build an ecological house : an individual one as well as a collective building. You will get notions on bio-climatic architecture, to discover how to benefit from renewable local ressources (wind, water, sun)? You will evoluate what are the performances that we expect for build materials and you will wonder if natural and non-toxic materials can be used. How do we produce energy from renewable ressources: what is this production depending on? What can be done to consume less energy in our daily life? Urbanism policy : is it possible to organise local production of energy? What are the benefits of this local production?
Learning goals and objectives:
The main objective of this academic course is to demonstrate that lodging could have a few/no impact on the environment. First, by avoiding wastes of energy as well as water and second by producing energy from renewable local ressources. This demonstration will be completed by the visit of concrete buildings in this spirit!
Examination type:
Practical work.

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
People sensitive to the protection of the environment. The connection between the studies and the topic doesn't matter. People eager to meet new people.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student residence - Country cottage
Breakfast, lunch and dinner in the residence or in a student restaurant - At least one warm meal per day.
Bike : depending on the weather - Bus/tramway.