Wild Water World - Let's Get Wet!

General description

Have you ever dreamt about a country located in a picturesque environment, where more than 1,500 springs of lightly and medium mineralized water arise, which has almost 40 thermal water swimming pools and many spas with its curative hot springs with the temperature over 60° C ?

Do you want to learn about the quality of water and its components, which make it drinkable?

Do you want to know, what causes floods and how can you protect yourselves against them?

So let's get wet in the wild water world !

Academic information

Content and topics:
– groundwater and quality of water (hydrogeochemistry) - surface water and quantity of water (floods, discharges, drought) - mineral and thermal water - hydropowerstation and the forecast of weather - and other interesting information about water, rainfall, mineral sources, spas and bubbles :)
Learning goals and objectives:
To learn about groundwater, surface water and mineral water in Slovakia, chemical composition of water, become aware of causes and effects of floods and protection against them, analyse the methods of drainage systems.
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Student hostel
In a students' canteen, three meals a day
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