Help Yourself! Wine & Food Technology in the Heart of Italian Gastronomy

General description

Have you ever wished to find out the breakthrough secrets lying behind the modern cuisine? Have you ever dreamed to be a cook, to learn how to realize a perfect ice-cream prepared in liquid nitrogen, or to design and compose an architectural plate? Would you like to become a sommeiller, or to unveil the tricks of the sensorial analysis? Wouldn’t you be interested in learning how the physics of Einstein and Maxwell is today applied to improve the quality and the taste of the food we eat? If the answer to all these questions is yes, then don’t hesitate to apply for this extraordinary course!
Where? Of course in Torino (but not only!), the former capital of Italy, an open-air architectural museum, a temple of Baroque and Art Nouveau, with its unique Cinema museum and the second biggest Egyptian museum in the world, the Olympic city always on the move, the city of lovers, the city of inspiration!
Why? Because Torino is the well-renowned Italian heart of food, chocolate and wine, in the Piedmont region where some of the best wines in the world are produced (Barolo and Barbaresco), where the Aperitif was invented (Martini) and has become a fashion, where the secrets for chocolate production were taught to French and Swiss, where the hazelnut ice-cream dream became reality, and where the eighth world wonder also known as Nutella is made!
With whom? The most off-its-trolley LBG ever, that will get you off on tram-crawling, boat-crawling, aperitif-crawling, coffin-crawling, cantus-crawling, pub-crawling, Saint-crawling, Bukowski-crawling, wine-crawling, massage-crawling, beer-crawling, bonfire-crawling, sunbath-crawling, Carlo Martello-crawling, sea-and-mountain-crawling, and Tuscany-crawling…
Oh yes, because the arrival day will be in Florence (write it down!), Tuscany! where we’ll start our 15-day journey from, seeking for the Bacchus’s paths that lead back, (crawling) through wine cellars and osterias as in a never-ending Dante’s circle, to Torino in order to try the perfect Ale Bellini’s cocktails and the unbeatable Fiorio’s ice-creams!
Do you reckon to be ready for this amazing and once-in-life adventure? Then, just fasten your seat belts tight and apply, we are gonna fly higher than you could ever imagine!!
P.S. Heart-weak are kindly asked to have second thoughts before applying! :-p
Go on the website, put the cutlery in the right position (according to the Etiquette) and check the result! :P

Academic information

Content and topics:
The course in general is aimed at providing the students with some basic, although seen from a modern standpoint, concepts concerning today’s engineering of food and wine production. In addition, the topics contain some innovative aspects related to the food consumption, such as the sensorial analysis and the food architecture, as well as to the history of food and wine culture in Piedmont and Italy.
Learning goals and objectives:
The objectives to be pursued are meant under a broad, modern approach, that is, entailing all the most updated aspects involved from production to consumption, ranging from the chemistry of the aliments to breakthrough cooking technologies and techniques. In this way, it is possible to give a wide and, to some extent, innovative outlook over a field that some might consider obsolete and not stimulating at all.
Examination type:
Project, group seminar
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and enthusiasm

Practical arrangements

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Hotel and hostels
University canteen, restaurants
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