B13: In the yellow submarine

General description

Are you studying and thinking about the most memorable summer in your life?

Do you want to feel something new?

Do you like nature, rowing the river and climbing the mountains?

Have you ever chopped wood for fire in the night?

Do you know songs in all languages of the world?

If you answered YES - don't be shy - APPLY! This event is especially for you!

Not sure yet? Keep on reading!

You'll visit RUSSIA!!! The country of white and brown bears. We will teach you how to dance Kalinka-malinka and drink Russian vodka. You will visit city on the border of Europe and Asia. One foot is in Europe, other - in Asia. Amazing! Isn't it? Of course! You'll see Ekaterinburg from bird's-eye.

During river trip you'll get huge experience of rowing, sleeping in tents, climbing the mountains, visiting caves, playing in water, chopping wood, jumping through fire :D.

We'll prepare variety of tasty dishes ON FIRE: hot&cold soups, porridge/cereal, salads, tea, coffee.. Whatever you want!

Yet have doubts? Ha ha It will be (un)forgettable!

We have surprise for you - REAL RUSSIAN SAUNA! You're becoming super hot inside and jumping into the cold but crystal clear river!

Let's have FUN together without civilizations for few days!

You, nature, river and matrioshka!

You should try - Push "Apply"!

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and the answers for custom question

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Dormitory and tents on the river
Prepared by organizers on the open fire
Public transport