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Do you think have you developed yourself during this pandemic? Or do you think you could have developed yourself more? Maybe if you had better project management skills? Have you ever wondered how all those people manage their everyday life in a complicated environment? And how using the PROJECT CYCLE MANAGEMENT (PCM) system makes your life easier? Well we know, and we want to SHARE it with you!

What is Project Cycle Management (PCM)? PCM is the process of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling of a project effectively and efficiently throughout its phases, from planning through execution then completion and review to achieve pre-defined objectives or satisfying the project stakeholder by producing the right deliverable at the right time, cost and quality; the dictionary says. In these 8 days of online course, you will learn the basis of PCM and terms like “Life-Cycle of a Project”, “Cost-Benefit Analyses and Knowledge Management” and many more!

Don’t wait any more! Just apply and be a part of this wonderful event!

Academic information

Fields of activity:
Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering , Applied Sciences , Architectural Engineering , Automotive Engineering , Biological/Biotechnical/Gene Engineering , Biomedical Engineering , Chemical Engineering , Chemistry/Chemical Technology , Computational Sciences , Computer Science/Automatic Control/Informatics , Control Engineering/Systems engineering , Economics/Business Administration/Marketing , Electrical/Electromechanical Engineering , Electronic/Electrotechnical Engineering , Environmental Engineering , Food Engineering , Industrial Engineering , Industrial Management , Logistics , Machine & Instrument engineering/Design , Maritime Management , Materials Engineering , Mathematics , Mechanical Engineering , Multimedia and Communication Design , Naval Architecture & Engineering , Physics/Physics Engineering , Power Engineering , Production Engineering/Management , Rural and Surveying Engineering , Telecommunications/Electronics , Territory Engineering , Textile Engineering & Technology , Transport Engineering
Content and topics:
During the event, participants will have an opportunity to learn new management methods. To be more specific, they will learn about project cycle management. Here is common methods which participants will learn about Project Management and more: 1. Waterfall Project Management 2. Agile Project Management 3. Critical Chain/Path 4. PRiSM 5. PRINCE2
Learning goals and objectives:
Participants should expect basic comprehension on project cycle management and how it translates to the consumerist world we now live in. This course aims to make participants' projects flow faster and with less wasted effort, there are a variety of project management methodologies participants will learn.
Examination type:
Mini Project
ECTS credits issued:

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter, true interest in the topic, and answers to the questions. Studies in a field relevant to the subject of the course are appreciated.

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee: