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In those days when dinosaurs lived on the planet, there were only Pentium 144 computers, and your having 8 bits play station meant you were cool... The Earth, the small, lost in space planet, was inhabited by huge hairy monkeys.

They didn't develop at all, they weren't able to communicate and work. All day long they were drinking beer and doing nothing... This couldn't last forever. One day a meteorite fell on the Earth which brought a virus called 'progress'. A monkey took a stick into its hands. This led to appearing of skinheads and labor. Further... worse...

At this point they were unable to stop - they invented everything. They invented football, skyscrapers, rubber women, sofas, television, video tape recorders, Sony Playstation (Thank them!) While working they haven't noticed they had changed themselves. Now they weren't ugly creatures but civilized people, though still drinking beer.

Time passed. Technology developed. But the moment came when a man became too lazy to do smth himself. Therefore a problem arose - to invent smth a lot of requirements should be satisfied: work with extremely high temperatures for instance, or exact, atomic calculations, diamond eye or 2 pizzas (with mushrooms and chicken).

This was the way the mankind invented a new civilization with its own hands, a civilization of automated machines - Robots. These were powerful, of enormous dimensions installations, as well as small devices, which fitted a palm. They gave a development to a new life named Automation. Now it is as vital as the air. It is everywhere: in manufacturing, modern technologies, everyday life. We can't imagine life without it.

Who is more perfect - WE or the Robots? Who is going to survive and stand one's ground in this complicated program named?

This fairy-tale has a long and interesting 'to be continued'...

IF Want to get to know it?

GOTO Amazing SC in Zaporizhzhya. Discover our unique country and culture. Lively, hospitable people, unforgettable impressions and unbelievably exciting time is guaranteed. You will never forget it.

ELSE What does the automation of manufacturing processes mean? How is it applied in our contemporary world? How to make all the process more efficient and speed them up? How to live with it?;)

I know it. And I can show you.

I'm a ROBOT...

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Academic information

Content and topics:
Automation of industrial processes.
Learning goals and objectives:
Participants will gain knowledge in automation, its basics, types, methods of building systems on automation.
Examination type:
Written exam or test.
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and answers to a few very serious questions!

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Student dormitory.
Excellent Ukrainian food in the canteen.
Public transport.