Fly with the BEST...or walk like the rest

General description

Are you looking forward to eat NUTELLA and to taste CANNOLO? Can’t you wait for having IMBUTO?

Don’t miss the sheep. JOIN US!

Are you a person in daze? So fly to “Fanculo”!

Do you like to fly? With your fantasy.....out of the window? Now you can !

Fly with “BEST Airlines” from the mountains of the extreme Italian north to the exotic Sicilian seaside where the beaches have the sand white like the snow and the sea is blue like the sky! In free-falling and without a parachute.

Fly with a plane or fall like the rain!

Remember , that with our company it’s completely free!!!

Thus , what are you waiting for? Travel with us , with an offer like that you can’t let it run away!

--->> WE WANT YOU to spend a very great time! <<---

With whom? :

With the most off-its-trolley LBG ever , the Pirates of Carbonara, the group of “Imbutizers”, the group of Tram-rolling, Boat-crawling , Barolo-crawling, Pilu-crawling, sunbath-crawling, Vitti-na-crozza crawling, Murazzi-crawling…

Where? :

You’ll be welcome to ITALY. More precisely in Turin, an elegant city where art is everywhere, and in Sicily, the pearl of the Mediterranean.

Among other things, we’ll face technical stuff like “how to design and produce an aircraft… and how to fly it on”.

Let’s fly with us,

Let’s fly, let’s fly away….

Academic information

Content and topics:
The learning program is focused on a comprehensive overview of the aerospace industrial processes, from conceptual design to production. Basic notions of aerospace structures and systems, flight mechanics and manoeuvring, propulsion systems and aerodynamics, in addition to basilar concepts of airline management will be faced in a simple way. Technical visits to airports, air bases and trade factories will complete the educational pathway of the course.
Learning goals and objectives:
Providing the students with a general view on some basic concepts concerning atmospheric and space flight is the principal aim of the course. In particular, the main aerospace technologies will be analysed in order to provide a general idea about their application in the aerospace project context.
Examination type:
Case study or short test
ECTS credits issued:
Not known yet

Information for applicants

Selection criteria:
Motivation letter and enthusiasm

Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hotel and hostels
University canteen, restaurants
Public and private transportation