General description

The final battle has arrived.

From all over Europe the BEST warriors are called to testify their power and their might. Only with a few clothes, their courage and their strength, they'll come to the battlefield, in Rome TV, to prove themselves in the hardest challenges ever faced by a human being.

They will need all their strength, their craftiness, their strategical ability and diplomacy to prevail on their opponents and become the unquestioned conquerors of the next Era.

We, the organizers of the Winter BEST Engineering Competition 2008 A.D. "RagnaROME: the final call", have the great honour and privilege to proudly announce that, for the first time in the history of BEST and of all humankind, we conceived and created the first EC from which will result only one (alive) winner!

Are you ready to take this challenge? Do you think you can get till departure day (possibly alive)? Then, all you have to do is apply, write a motivation letter proving you're the BEST and fight!

Endless parties, the finest foods and drinks for the finest warriors, handsome knights and gorgeous maidens will be at your disposal: you will have to worry about nothing, except for coming home safe and well.

The destiny of the world lies in your hands ... we're waiting for you in Rome!

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Practical arrangements

All of the following are covered by the event fee:

Hostel near the Univesity
University Canteen and restaurants near hostel
Public transportation and organizer's cars